Here’s what might be causing your adult acne

Treating adult acne is futile unless you’re targeting the root cause of the problem. To effectively clear up the issue, it’s essential to understand what causes it in the first place. If you’re keen on learning more about adult acne causes (and the best way to treat these stubborn breakouts), read on…

What causes adult acne?

At the root of all acne is a clogged pore. Your pores are an essential part of your skin because they’re home to your sebaceous glands, which help keep your skin soft and protected by secreting sebum. But when your pores get clogged by dirt, excess oil, and dead skin cells, you’ve got a perfect pimple recipe brewing. Here are some common causes of adult acne:

Hormonal fluctuations

In women, an increase in the production of progesterone can ramp up your skin’s production of sebum. In men, androgens like testosterone can also increase oil production, which can lead to breakouts. Acne caused by hormonal fluctuations often cause cystic acne around the chin, neck, and back. 


Chronic stress isn’t only terrible for your mental state, but it can also cause breakouts since the hormone cortisol is produced in excess when you’re under stress. Even though cortisol is responsible for maintaining a range of bodily functions, it can reap havoc when it’s in overdrive. High cortisol levels might actually contribute to acne by creating the right kind of environment for bacteria-drive inflammatory acne. 


Have you ever considered the effect your environment might have on your skin? Dirt and UV radiation contribute to the amount of dirt and debris you expose your skin to on a daily basis, especially if you live in the city. It’s crucial to establish and stick to a skincare routine that’ll help wash away all the impurities your skin is exposed to daily. 

The wrong products

If you’ve got combination or oily skin that’s prone to breakouts, you need to ensure you use oil-free skincare products. Over-washing your face and exfoliating with harsh products can also worsen the problem. The right approach is to cleanse your face twice a day with a gentle cleanser that’ll moisturize your skin while gently getting rid of all impurities. A creamy cleanser won’t aggravate your skin, and the skin-softening ingredients will leave your skin feeling super soft and glowing. 

Your H2o intake is not what it should be

If you’re guilty of not adequately hydrating your body, it might be one of the biggest culprits when it comes to your adult acne. When you hydrate your body, you’re also hydrating your skin cells. Especially if you’ve got dry skin. Drinking enough water can help your body get rid of toxins that can be a cause of acne. If water isn’t exactly your cup of tea, try adding some excitement and flavor to the deal by using our water bottle infuser which comes with a timeline indicating your water consumption and an awesome recipe booklet to help your shake up some seriously delicious infused water!

Final Thoughts

If you’re battling with adult acne, rest assured that you are not alone. There are tons of factors that can contribute to breakouts in your 20s and 30s, and we’ve just touched on five of them. Your diet and genetics also have a role to play. The good news is that tackling the problem all starts with a good skincare routine. Always choose products that are naturally formulated to deep-clean the skin while also moisturizing and protecting against the elements!'

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