Products Dermatologists Wish You'd Cut Out of Your Skin Care Routine

You already know dermatologists recommend using SPF every day and drinking loads of water to keep your skin happy and healthy as can be. But what about the things they wish their patients would avoid at all costs? Here’s a look at what the skin professionals really wish their patients would stop using on their skin:

Harsh Exfoliants 

Harsh exfoliating products, scrubs and rough sponges are thought to be the best approach to deep-cleaning the skin. But this isn’t true at all. CA dermatologist Dr Zenovia Gabriel says that over-scrubbing or over-exfoliating strips the skin, which can lead to dehydration and inflammation of the skin. In some cases, harsh exfoliants can worsen an existing acne problem too. 

Alternative: Use a cream cleanser that nourishes the skin while gently washing away impurities. If it’s available, choose a product that contains coconut oil and soothing Aloe Vera that will leave the skin super soft and glowing without stripping your skin of moisture. 


Pore Strips

The hype surrounding pore strips is something that’s made out to be much more impressive than it really is, says dermatologist Dr Julie Russak. This is because clogged pores can only be tackled by deep-cleaning, and strips just don’t clean any deeper than the first layer of the skin. A proper skincare routine is key to clearing up existing problems and preventing the problem from rearing its head again. 

Alternative: Try using a gentle gel cleanser as part of your daily routine. There are a lot of products out there that are crammed full of anti-bacterial and hydrating ingredients, which gently washes away oil, makeup, and bacteria that clog pores and cause breakouts. 


Trends like Korean skincare essences might make you “feel good” after using it, but they won’t do anything for your skin, in the long run, says Dr Russak. Quick fixes might make your skin feel a little more hydrated and reduce redness for a while, but these products contain many fragrances that are misleading and aren’t beneficial for your skin.

Alternative: Use a toning mist that soothes and purifies the skin and cleans out pores while also refreshing and hydrating your skin. Choose natural formulas to tone, shrink pores, and restores your skin’s pH balance. 

Dark Spot Serums

The market is flooded with dark spot serums and treatments, but board-certified dermatologist Dr Sheel Desai Solomon says that these problems work harder on correcting uneven skin tone than dark age spots. These products are often hyped up and super expensive yet ineffective at targeting dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation or sun exposure. 

Alternative: The Vitamin C Brightening Booster contains a powerful mix of pineapple, watermelon, and green tea extracts. This ultimate all-in-one serum brightens the complexion to reveal glowing skin. It also protects against UV damage and helps reduce the signs of premature aging. Since it also contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this serum is great for anyone with acne problems too!

Don’t get caught up in marketing hypes that’ll bring you nothing but an empty wallet. While we love all things beauty, we always advise on using the most natural formulations to obtain visible results when you follow a skincare routine day and night. As you can see, for every professional’s no-no, there’s a gentler, more natural approach that’ll help you reap optimal benefits!

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