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Why you should go the natural route with your skin?

Once thought as the only option for supremely sensitive skin and ethical advocates, natural and organic skincare and beauty is here to stay for good. Thanks to tech advances for formulating natural ingredients, naturally-minded brands are making their way to our beauty shelves, which makes it easier than ever to enjoy personal care products that aren’t only good for us on the inside, but make us look good on the outside too! Gone are the days where the world thought that natural products didn’t perform as well as their synthetic counterparts. These days, organic and natural beauty products promise real skin benefits, and committing to them doesn’t feel like a penance anymore. The case for nature versus science Organic and...

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3 Recipes Healthier Doughnuts 😋

Who doesn’t love a good doughnut? Cakey or light, frosted or glazed, filled or in hole form, doughnuts are just a (very good) excuse to eat cake for breakfast. But some of those store-bought delights may as well be in the dessert display, given that they can pack up to 52 grams of sugar! Today is international doughnut day and we want to show you that there's a healthier way to make doughnuts and guess what? they're still delicious!! Here are 3 recipes to help you make a healthier doughnut to enjoy (without all that sugar) any day of the week. TOASTED COCONUT & CHOCOLATE CHUNK BANANA BREAD DONUTS So how does a Toasted Coconut & Chocolate Chunk Banana Bread Donuts...

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How to take control of your pores once and for all

 Large pores can be what has always been standing between you and that natural look. If you feel like you have unsightly pores, then you’ve probably been in the drugstore for hours on end looking for the perfect lotion or potion to get rid of them, once and for all. But the solution isn’t something you’ll find bottled and marketed as a ‘magical cure’. Let’s take a look at what causes the problem and what your plan of attack should look like. What are pores? In the simplest of terms, pores are small openings in our skin that excrete oil and sweat to the surface. Large pores or blocked pores are actually hair follicles, which allow the oil from our...

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How to clean up your skincare routine in 3 simple steps

Your skin does a pretty great job of keeping things out of your bloodstream. But there’s a lot of controversies out there about how much the top layer of your skin actually absorbs. Skincare ingredients are either absorbed into your skin cells before entering your blood circulation, or they are retained and stored into the glands. When the ingredients are absorbed into your cells before entering your blood circulation, they pass between cells. When they’re absorbed into glands, they’re retained and stored before being excreted by the body. Depending on which way you look at it, this can be good or bad news. Why? Because we want to good ingredients like vitamin C and E to penetrate the top layer...

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3 Worst Foods For Your Skin + 3 Healthier (And Yummier) Alternatives

 Our skin replaces itself every 35 days, Our body uses the foods we eat to create the new skin cells. What we don’t realize is that we are completely in charge of the way we build our skin from the inside out. its not easy to replace those “quick and easy fatty baddy” foods but if you look hard enough, the healthier alternatives are just around the corner, and guess what they’re good AF. French Fries These yummy little devils contain massive amounts of Trans and Saturated Fats. These terrible fats are one of the biggest contributors to skin inflammation, clogged pores and increased oil production. Try this instead:   Coconut Oil Oven Roasted Crispy Potato Slices This Healthy and...

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