Every single beauty blogger and influencer these days is peddling a product which promises blemish free, translucent skin...


So you, being a sensible person, head to your favorite social media platform, and scroll through your feed. You settle on someone that you trust, "Guru So-And-So". They've been in this game forever and would never lie to you, so off to your nearest drugstore you go, and like a human tornado, you blaze through the isles leaving nothing to chance!


Bag in hand, slightly worried about your bank balance, but hopeful that your skin will eventually mirror that of So-And-So, you leave the store. Excited, not a moment goes by before you've already taken each of the products for a day 1 test drive.


You exfoliate, cleanse, tone, moisturize and who knows what else — your Guru follows the Korean 10-Step Skincare regimen and so will you! Moments later, you emerge from your bathroom, a little bewildered, but nonetheless very hopeful.


Dangerous ingredients skincare


The next morning, you arise from your slumber trying to feel as guru-like as you can, and while birds didn't dress you that morning, in time, they will. So, you saunter off to the mirror to admire your new  complexion.

 And behold...

Zit upon zit upon Everest. Your face seems to be having a party without inviting you!


"What in the essence, serum, and mist happened last night?" you exclaim. Those products were supposed to make you feel like Snow White and not one of the dwarves — namely Grumpy. "And these things weren't cheap," you mutter.


Now, you're furious!

Here's what went wrong:

1. The products have way too many ingredients.

Don't get it twisted — just because the product is trending or has something like "snake venom" in the mix, doesn't make it better. What typically happens is that complex blends tend to irritate the skin, because they're active. "Less is more" is the best approach when it comes to skincare. The more ingredients in a product, the increased likelihood that the wrong combination will irritate you.

2. The product just isn't right for you.

We've all been taught that we either have dry, or oily or combo skin and so we live in a binary (or trinary) world. The reality is that we all have combination skin and our combinations aren't the same. Skincare is not one-size-fits-all. It's a personal journey.


"But, what if my skin was only purging?"

A lot of companies claim that their products cause purging, i.e. your skin immediately starts to increase cell turnover, but be wary. Abusing AHAs (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), BHAs (Beta Hydroxy Acids), Vitamin C, Benzoyl Peroxide and Retinoids which all encourage fast cell-turnover can actually damage your skin in the long-term, however, your skin will not "purge" unless it has those ingredients. If the products that you bought don't have those ingredients, then your skin is genuinely irritated and not detoxifying.


Also, using the ingredients mentioned above doesn't mean that your skin is purging. They're also very capable of causing breakouts and irritation, which is why piling them on at the same time is such a bad idea.


Start paring your skincare down and going producto por producto till your skin becomes comfortable with every new step — that's how you'll induct yourself into  !