Once thought as the only option for supremely sensitive skin and ethical advocates, natural and organic skincare and beauty is here to stay for good. Thanks to tech advances for formulating natural ingredients, naturally-minded brands are making their way to our beauty shelves, which makes it easier than ever to enjoy personal care products that aren’t only good for us on the inside, but make us look good on the outside too!

Gone are the days where the world thought that natural products didn’t perform as well as their synthetic counterparts. These days, organic and natural beauty products promise real skin benefits, and committing to them doesn’t feel like a penance anymore.

The case for nature versus science

Organic and natural beauty products can work just as well (and in some cases even better) than their chemically enhanced counterparts. There have also been a lot of advanced in the formulations of natural beauty products in the last few years. in order to bring true harmony to your skin, natural ingredients need to be extracted and used in their purest form. Most big names in the beauty industry are starting to focus on working with natural ingredients and avoiding all synthetic film-formers and emulsifiers.

The process of developing and putting a skin care product on the market is really shrouded in mystery. You might think that there are regulations in place to keep everything transparent and honest, but the FDA doesn’t need to approve ingredients added to personal care products. If a manufacturer states that its ingredients are safe, it’s deemed as good enough.

Sadly, most of these “safe” ingredients found in synthetic skin care products are endocrine-disrupting phthalates or parabens. These chemicals can cause reproductive issues, and they’re also linked to increased cancer risks. The more you expose yourself to them, the more they build up in your body.

Reasons to switch to organic beauty products

When you consider the amount of body, skin, hair and makeup products the average woman applies (up to 168 different chemicals per day), it just makes sense to switch to natural alternatives when and where possible.


Did you know that you could inadvertently be slathering on potentially irritating ingredients on your skin just by using your “favourite” body lotion every day? But when you use a moisturizer formulated with natural oils, you’re avoiding the buildup of chemicals on (and in) your body.

According to a recent study by Sukin, more than half of all Australian women prefer using natural products over synthetic options. Why do they prefer the organic approach? Because natural beauty products don’t contain a ton of harsh chemicals and the brands advocate a cruelty-free stance.

Aside from all the “ethical” reasons to switch to natural products, perhaps it’s time to consider the change on pore level too. According to organic skincare brand Ocinium’s founder, Cassandra Hilton, the appearance of your skin reflects our internal health and holistic lifestyle choices. When you use organic skin care products, you’re investing in real results and proven efficacy.

The balance you need to understand and uphold

It’s super important to understand that healthy skin isn’t only a result of what you put IN your body, but also has a lot to do with what you put ON your body. The changes you make don’t have to be massive and drastic. Something as simple as switching to one or two natural alternatives in your skincare routine will make a big difference to your exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Your philosophy should be centred on the 80/20 rule. 80% of the products you choose should be ones that you are mindful of. Make sure they’re healthy, sustainable, and non-toxic.

With a little research and a lot of smart shopping, you can find responsibly-made organic and natural beauty products to help maintain a clean body and live a healthy lifestyle. Here’s what you need to be on the lookout for when purchasing skincare products:

  • Free of harmful preservatives, irritants, and chemicals
  • Non-allergenic
  • Formulated with natural, organic ingredients
  • GMO-free
  • Never tested on animals
  • Vegan

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