Clean Wipes - 30 XL Pack
Clean Wipes - 30 XL Pack
Clean Wipes - 30 XL Pack

Clean Wipes - 30 XL Pack

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Wipe away your Worries with Clean Wipes!


Which skin type is this good for?

✔ Normal
✔ Oily
✔ Combination
✔ Dry
✔ Sensitive

Cruelty Free | GMO Free | Vegan | Paraben & Fragrance Free | Alcohol Free

Clean: Our natural cleansing formula gently removes makeup, dirt, sweat, environmental toxins and any impurities with no rinsing necessary.

Exfoliate: Removes dead skin cells, to allow healthy skin cells to take their place.

Moisturize: Instantly moisturizes your skin without harmful chemicals or alcohol.

Made from an All Natural Rayon fiber.

Why Clean Wipes? 

Most Wipes

Clean Wipes

Burn or Sting

Gentle on skin without any burning/stinging sensation

Contain Fragrances/Chemicals that damage your skin

Free of Fragrances, Alcohol, Paraben and harsh chemicals.

Not moist enough

Extra moist

Leaves a sticky residue

Leaves the skin smooth and soft

Too small and thin

40% Bigger than the average wipe

How To Use:



Unfold cloth fully and lay across face. Apply light pressure with hands to transfer cleansing lotion onto skin, which will start to breakdown make-up and grime.


Refold cloth in half and wipe forehead, temples, cheeks, nose and chin.



With the unused side, apply gentle pressure to the closed eye area. Gently pull away eye makeup with slow downward and outward wipes.