🌈 Rainbow Bundle

🌈 Rainbow Bundle

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Get all 3 Colors!! 
* Pretty Pink
* Pure Purple
* Berry Blue
Boost fat burning and weight loss. Improve your skin, mood, immune and digestive systems.
Feel rejuvenated and experience increased energy levels. These are just a few benefits of drinking more water. The benefits are amazing, but too often unknown and ignored.
Combined with exercise – it will enhance your life. Men and women are loving losing weight by creating delicious recipes which are refillable over and over again. Clean Skin Club Water Infuser is 100% BPA Free, so it is good for YOU and the environment.

We Know What You Want

  • 🎁 Free E Book "Top 10 Infused Water Recipes for Beautiful Skin" available after checkout.
  • 👍🏼 Made with the Finest Eastman Tritan Material and 100% BPA Free
  • 🕔 NEW FEATURE - Timeline showing water consumption
  • 🔝 Large Drinking Spout and large infuser basket for maximum flavor
  • 🔒 Sturdy flip lock and seal with extra latch to ensure 100% seal and no leaks
  • 👌🏼Carry handle and bottle grips on both sides
  • ✔️Fits in most car holders
  • 😜Remove your infuser basket for a great stand-alone water bottle


Pack your bottle with nutritious, healthy, fruits and vegetables of your choice and the large 32oz size enables you to infuse more water.


  • When you consume healthy, infused water, your body reaps amazing hydration benefits that also helps curb your appetite and shed unwanted weight.
  • Since you’ll be reducing your sugar intake, your body will enjoy a daily detox, and you’ll have access to a great source of vitamins and minerals!
  • Your skin also benefits from the increased fluid intake, and you’ll notice that fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, and your skin’s tone and elasticity improves when using the infuser regularly.
  • All our bottles and infusers are made with food-grade materials that are toxin-free, shatter resistant and impact resistant. They are also 100% BPA free, leaving you free to create healthy drinks without worrying about any side effects.

Our bodies function better when they’re properly hydrated, but sadly, up to 66% of us don’t keep our hydration levels nearly high enough. If you’re one of the folks guilty of not drinking enough fluids, our water bottle infuser is the best way to ensure you get in your daily dose of healthy infused water!

In order to provide you with the best flavor possible, our infuser is extra-long! With the bottle’s leak-proof design and amazing durability, you can say goodbye to spontaneous leaks that most other infusers are known for. The bottle also comes with anti-slip grips on both sides of the thumb grip to ensure you’ll never feel awkward while leading a healthier, more hydrated lifestyle. 

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    * Coconut Oil Wipes X 2 Individually packed wipes

    * Clean Wipes X 2 Individually packed wipes


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