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Improve your skin health

After switching to Clean Towels..

Boosts Skin Health

100% saw a boost in overall skin health*

Repairs Your Skin Barrier

100% saw an improvement in the skin's barrier*

Reduce Skin Oiliness

93.94% saw a reduction in skin oiliness*

Helps Reduce Redness And Dryness

87.88% saw a reduction in skin redness*

See A Difference

These towels have helped my skin immediately! I rarely have new acne and wake up in the mornings feeling so happy, clean and confident.

Tori, USA

Verified Purchase

Game Changer

I've noticed a significant difference in my acne flare ups and dry patchy skin within 2 weeks of using Clean Towels.

Lauren M.

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Multi Functional

Super soft, gentle on the skin, love that they can be used wet or dry! Perfect for double cleansing and removing masks. Will be a subscriber for life!

Natalia C

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Top ways to use

1. Dry your face

2. Wipe off makeup

3. Cleanse Your Face

4. Clean your makeup brushes

5. Clean your sink/counter

How We Compare

Regular Towels
Makeup Wipes

Dermatologist test and approved

100% bio-based and sustainable

Hygienic and single-use

Suitable for all skin types

Soft and gentle

Prevents bacteria accumulation

Dual-sided Texture - Exfoliating / Smooth

Clinically Shown to Improve Skin Barrier


How long does it take to ship, and where from?

Clean Towels ship within 24 hours, and take 1-5 business days to arrive. Our locations are in New Jersy, Texas and California.

Can they be reused?

Yes, the Clean Towels can be reused. Their fabric remains strong when wet and is durable enough to be gently wrung out. To reuse: rinse them by hand, and hang them to dry. Once dried the fabric will remain soft and pliable. However, we do not recommend reusing them for skincare. If you are making direct contact with your skin, the Clean Towel should then be tossed and not reused. Quick tip- after you dry your face with a Clean Towel, wipe the excess water off of your counter before throwing them out!

How do I mount it on my mirror?

Our towels come with 4 duel sided stickers to easily stick to any mirror.

How many towels come in a box?

Each box comes with 50 towels.

How big are the towels?

They’re 10" x 12"

How are they sustainable if they are disposable?

Clean Skin Club acknowledges the importance of environmentally friendly products and manufacturing procedures. Our Clean Towels, along with our other hygiene products, are 100% biodegradable and compostable. We do not use any additive chemicals or fabrics in the Clean Towels that do not biodegrade easily. Viscose fabric completely biodegrades within roughly 6 weeks. While personal waste methods vary, we strongly recommend that you either compost or recycle the Clean Towels. 

How should I store my Clean Towels?

Store your Clean Towels in a dry, cool place to maintain their integrity and cleanliness.

Are Clean Towels suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, Clean Towels are designed to be gentle and suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

Can Clean Towels be used for children?

Yes, they are safe and gentle enough for use on children’s delicate skin.

Do Clean Towels contain any fragrances?

No, our Clean Towels are completely fragrance-free to avoid skin irritation.

What material are Clean Towels made from?

They are made from 100% USDA bio based and compostable viscose.

Can Clean Towels be used for purposes other than skincare?

Yes, they can be used to clean makeup brushes, wipe surfaces, and more.

Are Clean Towels cruelty-free?

Yes, our products are 100% cruelty-free and never tested on animals.

Do you offer international shipping?

Yes, we offer international shipping. Delivery times vary based on location.

Are Clean Towels suitable for travel?

Yes, they are compact and perfect for on-the-go use

Can Clean Towels be used with toner or other skincare products?

Yes, they are perfect for applying toner, serums, and other products.

Are there bulk purchase options available?

Yes, we offer bulk purchase options at a discounted rate.

Can Clean Towels be used to remove makeup?

Absolutely, they are excellent for gentle yet effective makeup removal.