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Organic Face Pads - 100 Count
Organic Face Pads - 100 Count

Organic Face Pads - 100 Count

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The Largest, Strongest Pad in the world!

The organic pads large size gives you the ability to use both side of the pads to cover more skin rather than using the small pads that won’t absorb as much and basically moves your makeup from one side to the other.

The unique pattern keeps the pad strong and won’t leave any lint like a lot of brands out there.

  • Made with 100% Organic Cotton.
  • Grown without pesticides or added chemicals.
  • Recommended to use with our natural cleansing product line.
  • Disposable & Biodegradable.


Why Clean Face Pads?

Regular Pads

Clean Face Pads


50% Bigger

Break apart easily

Won’t break apart

May leave lint on your skin

Leave your skin flawless and clean

Comes in a boring plastic bag

Comes in an amazing waterproof box