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Coconut oil wipes

Well known for its lauric and caprylic acid concentration, our coconut oil wipes are antibacterial and anti-fungal, making them great all-purposes cleansers and moisturizers. Simple. Pure. Easy to use. These wipes can be used as part of your everyday skincare routine to remove makeup, soften the skin, and moisturize like nothing else.      

Peppermint Toner

A refreshing, organic toner to balance skin and minimize the look of pores.
Organic Content: 95% | 3.4 OZ
Ingredient Super Stars

  • organic peppermint extract
  • organic alpha hydroxy acids
  • organic aloe leaf juice
  • organic white willow bark extract            

Clean wipes (30 Pack)

Engineered to perfection, our XL wipes are made with natural ingredients that will not irritate your skin.

Removes Makeup & Impurities: The gentle cleansing formula breaks down the bonds of makeup and environmental impurities that set onto the skin.

Instantly Moisturizes: With our unique formula that combines cleanser and moisturizer technology – no detergents or alcohol.

Exfoliating: Removes dead skin cells, to allow for renewed and healthy skin cells to take their place.

Clean Towels

Clean Towels are without a doubt, the only towel in the world that is genuinely 100% CLEAN.

They are incredibly soft yet durable and won’t tear or fall apart – even when wet!

 Our towels can be used in two ways:

  1. A super clean face towel – absorbent enough to dry your face, hands and even the water residue that sits around your sink after washing your face! 
  1. A make-up removing cloth – When our towels become wet, they get stronger! You can use a cleanser or even just plain water on the towel and use it. It will be the best makeup removing cloth you’ve ever used. 


The whole point of using a washcloth is to cleanse your face or body. But if you take the spreading power of bacteria for granted, that seemingly harmless little towel could potentially introduce new germs into your system.

Clean Towels is the first ever Disposable Facial Towel

Consider this: Nothing is ever completely germ-free, even a fresh towel that has just come from the dryer. So naturally a used washcloth that is left to air each day gives bacteria and other microbes more of a chance to grow and spread. And each time you use a cloth to wash your face, dead skin cells get caught in it, providing even more food for the bacteria that gather in the towel. Laundering your washcloth regularly may not kill every germ it contains, but it will lessen the overall amount of bacteria and decrease your chances of catching an illness.

Pathogens – How they can spread

  1. When towels and linen are used by more than one person cross-contamination of the skin can occur.
  2. When towels or clothes are washed, germs can spread between clothing items, especially between underwear, face and bath towels.
  3. A startling study indicates that a load of laundry can contain up to 100 million E.coli (found in fecal matter) that can contaminate the next load.
  4. Another study revealed that a load of washed clothes using a mild detergent on a cold cycle contained 0.1 gm of fecal matter.


Clean swabs (300 Pack)

The Top – Supersized and cleverly shaped to clean off stubborn eye make up.

The Bottom – Thin and pointy allows to accurately touch up eyeliner, mascara, Lipstick and nail polish.


Made with 100% Organic Cotton Fibers.

Grown without pesticides or added chemicals.

Recommended to use with our natural cleansing product line.

Stick made from 100% Bamboo.

Disposable & Biodegradable.


Clean Pads

The Largest, Strongest Pad in the world

The pads large size gives you the ability to use both side of the pads to cover more skin rather than using the small pads that won’t absorb as much and basically moves your makeup from one side to the other.

The unique pattern keeps the pad strong and won’t leave any lint like a lot of brands out there.  Made with 100% Cotton.

Recommended to use with our natural cleansing product line.


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