CSC Family Starter Pack #1

CSC Family Starter Pack #1

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Here's what's included with this bundle:

Acai - Cucumber Cleanser

A concentration of anti-bacterial Acai oil and hydrating cucumber extract washes away excess oil, makeup, impurities, and bacteria that clog pores and cause acne breakouts.

A plant-based face wash with detoxifying herbs for a soothed, refreshed complexion.

Coconut Oil Aloe Vera Gentle Scrub 

For combination skin, use twice a week.  

This rich and creamy scrub moisturizes and nourishes while gently washing away impurities.

A combination of skin softening coconut oil almond oil and it leaves skin super soft and glowing.

Clean Towels

Clean Towels are without a doubt, the only towel in the world that is genuinely 100% CLEAN.

Soft – Durable – Organic – Biodegradable – Natural – Disposable – Pure

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