Custom Bundle 44

Custom Bundle 44

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The following all natural products are free of sulfates or other detergents, chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, dyes or any other toxins, vegan, GMO free and are made with certified organic Ingredients. Perfectly Clean

 In This Bundle:

* Acai Cucumber Cleanser
* Coconut Oil Aloe Vera Scrub
* Camillia Jojoba Moisturizer
* Clean Towels 50 Pack
*Clean Face Pads
*Clean Wipes- 30 XL Pack
*Organic Clean Swabs 300 PC

A bit about the amazing products in your custom bundle:

Acai Cucumber Cleanser

"The most REFRESHING cleanser i've ever used! my skin feels so cool and smooth" -  Maria, Clean Skin Club customer.


Star Ingredients 

Certified Organic .   Acai Oil
Effectively restores the skin’s elasticity levels.

Certified Organic Cucumber Extract
Helps soothe skin and restore complexion.

Certified Organic Calendula Extract
Stimulates collagen production and reduces  dry spots on skin.

Certified Organic  Argan Oil
Hydrates, softens and protects the skin.


Coconut Oil Aloe Scrub

"My skin feels so smooth! I'm absolutely obsessed! It feels fantastic gliding on, does a good job of exfoliating and moisturizing, and stays silky on your skin for hours afterwards." - Mellisa, Clean Skin Club customer.

Star Ingredients 

Certified Organic     Aloe Vera
Provides wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Certified Organic  Coconut Oil
Has proven antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-inflammatory benefits.

Certified Organic Wild Crafted Jasmine Oil
Great for treating dry, brittle, or dehydrated skin.

Certified Organic Camellia Oil
Combats issues like acne, inflammation and irritation of the skin.


Camillia Jojoba Moisturizer

"Such an amazing product with the best ingredients! A little bit goes a long way and keeps my skin hydrated in the areas necessary without making other areas of my face oily. Totally worth it!!" - Brittney - Clean Skin Club customer


Star Ingredients 

Certified Organic Jojoba Oil 
Balances oil production, without promoting acne or other skin problems.


Certified Organic Camellia Oil
Effective for combatting issues like inflammation, general redness and irritation.


Certified Organic  Green Tea Extract
Helps protect your skin against environmental pollutants.

Certified Organic Chamomile Extract 
Antioxidant rich, helps reduce inflammation, and minor scars.


                 Clean Towels

Clean Towels - 50 count

"I absolutely love having a tough, durable, biodegradable and disposable washcloth in my reach. I’m able to clean my face and save the environment at the same time." - Kenyada, Clean Skin Club customer

     Clean Towels - 50 count

Clean Wipes-30 XL Pack

Clean Wipes - 30 XL Pack

"I almost gave up On wipes! Any wipe I've ever used burned my skin and left my skin red and irritated. A friend recommended these Clean wipes and I was skeptical at first but after two weeks of using them I can honestly say I trust wipes again! They never burn and remove my makeup better than my old Mac wipes. I also love the fact that they have a little table in the back of the box explaining about all the Ingredients! It's so cute" Abbie, Clean Skin club Customer

Clean Wipes - 30 XL Pack


Organic Clean Swabs 300 PC

Organic Clean Swabs

"Smart design Cant believe it took so long to reinvent cotton swabs. I have been using Q tips my whole life and these work so much better to fix make up and remove stubborn eye make up. Love that they're made with organic cotton and a bamboo stick!" -Jeannie, Clean Club Customer             

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