5 things guaranteed to worsen breakouts

5 things that can make your acne worse

Worsening of breakouts happens when your skin oil glands become clogged to form pimples, spots, and cysts. Five things are guaranteed to worsen breakouts, as discussed below: 

Picking at your skin. 

Acne is a problem in and of itself- but did you know that you could make it worse by continually touching your face and squeezing or popping pimples? Those destructive habits  compromise your skin’s integrity and aggravate acne further. Even worse, picking at your breakouts can lead to scarring and hyperpigmentation that ends up lasting longer than the initial breakout. Additionally, when you pop a pimple, it can push the pus and bacteria into other areas of your skin and cause future breakouts in the same area.

Dirty towels and sheets. 

Using dirty towels and sleepy on dirty bedsheets can easily cause you to breakout because the bacteria, dirt, and dead skin embedded in the material can easily clog your pores. To minimize the possibility of breakouts, be sure to change and wash your bed sheets one a week. Change our your pillow cases twice per week. Also, be sure to always use a fresh towel on your face. Better yet, a Clean Towel! Shop our guaranteed bacteria-free single use face towels, Clean Towels, here.

Poor diet.

This includes heavily processed food and high sugar content. Most fast foods, like fried foods, pizza, hamburgers, and all other grease-filled snacks with highly saturated fats and heavily-processed ingredients, can easily cause hormonal imbalances resulting in hormonal acne outbreaks. Eating foods with high sugar content contributes to outbreaks as well and is typically the worse of the two. Sugary foods increase insulin levels, which increases the production of oil in your skin layer, making the pores and follicles clog up with sebum to lead to breakouts. 

Sleeping with makeup on.

Residue from makeup already tends to clog pores. During your sleep cycle, your skin's cell regeneration process causes pores to lubricate and allows oils to flow out to your skin's surface. When you leave makeup on while you sleep, it causes that makeup to trap the oils leading to clogged pores and breakouts.

The makeup by-products attract acne-causing bacteria to your skins pores. Also, foundation and thick, oil-based primers usually create blackheads and make your skin dull. Sleeping with your makeup on contributes to premature aging. Always, always remove makeup and cleanse before bed to minimize the impacts on your skin.

Oil-based products.

This is for already acne-prone skin types. If you already have acne-prone or oily skin, oil-based products can create an oil film that blocks the pores from breathing and contributes to the clogging of pores, leading to breakouts. However, if you use natural and plant-derived oils on your skin, clogging of the pores has low possibilities of happening, as these activate skin cell turnover unlike the synthetic oils.  

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