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Clean Towels - 50 count
Clean Towels - 50 count
Clean Towels - 50 count
Clean Towels - 50 count

Clean Towels - 50 count

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Clean Towels will be back in stock October 18th! Feel free to pre order and your order will be shipped out on the 18th :)

The World’s First Ever Disposable Face Towel

Extremely Soft, Super Absorbent & Biodegradable

Clean Towels are without a doubt, the only towel in the world that is genuinely 100% CLEAN.

Soft – Durable – Organic – Biodegradable – Natural – Disposable – Pure

Ways to Use: 

1. As a Clean Face Towel – absorbent enough to dry your face, hands and even the water residue that sits around your sink after washing your face!

2. As a make-up removing cloth – When our towels become wet, they get stronger! You can use a cleanser or even just plain water on the towel and use it. It will be the best makeup removing cloth you’ve ever used.


Why Clean Towels? 

A Regular Towel

Clean Towels

Gathers bacteria when left to dry *

Disposable & Biodegradable 

Cross contaminated from being washed *

Disposable & Biodegradable 

Carries dead skin cells (bacteria food)

Disposable & Biodegradable 

Can easily spread viruses*

Disposable & Biodegradable 

Isn’t designed to clean water residue around the sink

Absorbent enough to dry face, hands and water residue around skin


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