Determining Your Skin Type

Determining Your Skin Type

It’s super important to know what your skin type is when it comes to doing your skincare!

Not only does it help make sure you’re using the right products for your skin to improve it, but more importantly, helps prevent any future issues or damage that could happen while using the wrong ingredients. No one wants that…

There are 5 major skin types that people will typically fall under; dry, oily, “normal”, combination & sensitive skin. Here’s an easy breakdown to figure out which skin type you have:

  • Dry skin can be classified as skin that lacks oils. It can look very dull or flaky and feel tight, itchy and rough.
  • Oily skin is exactly what is sounds like… your skin overproduces oils which typically correlates with acne prone skin. You’ll usually have both blackheads and/or whiteheads due to pores being clogged with accumulated dead skin cells.
  • “Normal” skin is basically considered properly balanced skin. You can tell you have “normal” skin if you don’t get many breakouts, have a slightly oily T-Zone (forehead, nose & chin) while the rest of your face is not too oily or too dry.
  • Combination skin has both oily & dry areas. You will typically have an oily T-Zone while the rest of your skin may be dry or “normal”.
  • Sensitive skin usually reacts quickly to products & is prone to immflamuation & irritation. You can tell you have sensitive skin if you get red or irritated easily, feel itchy or burning sensations or have flaky, dry texture.

Once you know what skin type you have, you will feel more confident when purchasing products. This can prevent you buying super strong, active ingredients while having sensitive or dry skin when you should be looking for hydrating & calming ingredients.

Thank you for reading!

This article of the Skinsider Scoop was graciously written by Licensed Esthetician, Paula Rengifo, and edited by the Clean Skin Club team. If you're interested in more from Paula, please shoot us an email, and follow her Instagram - @skin_bypaola