Drying the Skin vs. Moisturizing the Skin

Drying the Skin vs. Moisturizing the Skin

One of the biggest mistakes I see in 90% of clients:  


I think many people have the idea in order to clear acne, you need to dry it out. I often find my clients are scared to hydrate the skin when they first come to me because we associate oil with acne. 

That’s not always the case! Acne needs moisture, texture needs moisture, wrinkles and fine lines need moisture, the skin NEEDS moisture. 

Our skin’s barrier function thrives when it is healthy and it is not healthy when it is dry. (Dry skin also ages at a much more rapid rate!) This can trick the skin into producing more oils than it needs in order to compensate for the moisture it is literally craving!

Don’t be scared to moisturize your skin and start asking yourself “am I maybe not moisturizing enough?” 

Moisture works in layers! My favorite way to hydrate the skin’s barrier is by applying a hydrating serum and then sealing in that serum with a thicker product such as a cream based moisturizer. This is going to prevent water loss!

Skin is all about balance - if your routine is all drying products, active ingredients, spot treatments, only foaming cleansers, then this can really cause harm to the skin.

Instead, opt for an oil/cream based cleanser, maybe one foaming cleanser, hydrating serums, moisturizer, spf, and a chemical exfoliant that is used a few times a week to begin with. It is always better to start low and slow as I like to say, than to go in full force and risk possibly damaging our barrier!

Putting together a routine can really be a stressful thing to understand but luckily that’s what your esthetician is for! Reach out to a licensed professional when in doubt!

Thank you for reading! 

This article of the Skinsider Scoop was graciously written by Licensed Aesthetician and Certified Acne Specialist, Taylor Blakley, and edited by the Clean Skin Club team. If you're interested in more from Taylor, please shoot us an email, and follow her Instagram - @aestheticsbytay_