Procedureless Botox: What It Is and How to Do It

Procedureless Botox: What It Is and How to Do It


Many of us have noticed our skin getting dull, less lively over the years and wish we could have a simple solution to boost our skin and bring back the youthful glow.

We all know about Botox as an invasive procedure with potential side effects but is it possible to achieve similar results NATURALLY?

This question was on my mind after I noticed horizontal lines over my forehead at 25. My mind couldn’t let go of the possibility of there being a natural method to solve this, so I resorted to my medical knowledge. After months of studying the tight connection of facial muscles to the skin and learning about the tension we hold in our face muscles, the 10-Min Face Massage was born.

After testing it on myself for a full year and later on thousands of women, I can confidently say this is the perfect addition to your skincare routine that transforms your skin from within.

How does a Face Massage work to improve skin issues? 

Stress from daily life, overthinking and our now fast paced lifestyle creates tension in our face muscles. Over time this tension gets stored in the muscles and they stay tensed up even when we are not stressed. Since our skin is too tightly connected to our face muscles, these changes affect and show up on the skin as well. 

Signs your skin can give when face muscles are overflowed with tension are dull skin, uneven skin tone, early signs of lines, wrinkles, bumps underneath the skin, asymmetry in any area of the face.

Benefits of adding a 10-Min Face Massage routine to your skincare

Releasing tension from your face muscles at any age will automatically improve lymphatic drainage of the stagnant liquid in the face giving a slimmer, more tighter look. With the release of tension the circulation of fresh blood to the surface of your skin increases, and this brings a galore of nutrients as nourishment to the skin from the food we consumed. The skin becomes overall more vital, glowy and smoother.

People from ages 17-79 who have tried the 10-Min Face Massage routine after 2 weeks have already experienced a more even skin tone, brighter under eyes, smoother skin texture, a more youthful lifted look and these changes are almost always noticed by other people giving them compliments on their skin. 

“I never knew there was this much tension in my face wow” is the first response after trying it for one time. 

“I have done the massage for 4 days and today my friend told me I look so glowy, asking if I had gotten a facelift, not knowing I’ve been only doing massages” one user said.

This natural method has been truly transformational for thousands of women that are grateful to have found a natural alternative to botox. And the best part is, there’s zero side effects.

Two Step Massage Video

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