Red Light Therapy and Eczema

Red Light Therapy and Eczema

Eczema is a skin inflammatory condition. But we also know it is not just a topical treatment, it comes from inflammation from within.

When people are in the sunshine, their eczema improves because UVA and UVB rays has inflammatory properties. P.S. Please check with your doctor before starting red light therapy - it is generally safe, but there are some contradictions.

Red light therapy (RLT) is a therapeutic technique that uses low level wavelengths of red light to help treat skin conditions, such as wrinkles, psoriasis eczema, and more.

Red Light Therapy Study... 

  1. In one study for eczema, they followed people for a year and they showed that with just two minutes, once weekly, it decreases redness, inflammation, and crustiness. Consistency is KEY though - it's not an overnight wonder, but we have seen amazing benefits with regular use.
  2. Another study showed that after using red light therapy for two times a week for 5 minutes at a time over three months, 70% of people had less redness, inflammation than those who didn't. 

💡 Red light therapy can decrease symptoms (redness scratching and bleeding) but just a reminder, that it should be used as a tool while healing eczema from within.

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This article of the Skinsider Scoop was graciously written by Holistic Pediatrician, Dr. Ana Temple, also known as The Eczema Lady, and edited by the Clean Skin Club team. If you're interested in more from Dr. Ana, please shoot us an email, and follow her Instagram - @eczemalady + @dranamariatemple