Three Common Types Of Acne

Three Common Types Of Acne

Acne can show up in many different forms and can affect different areas of the body. The locations of your acne will determine the underlying trigger that is responsible for causing those breakouts on your skin. Here are 3 major types of acne and how to deal with them:

1. Diet related acne

Breakouts on your forehead, cheeks, around the nose and mouth area your acne is often triggered by diet. Consuming inflammatory food items will wreck your gut health and can trigger inflamed breakouts on your face. Reduce inflammatory food items in your diet such as dairy, sugar, processed foods, fried foods and add supplements such as prebiotics, probiotics, natural fiber, and digestive enzymes to heal diet-related acne.

2. Hormonal acne

Hormonal imbalances are typically responsible for those monthly breakouts that show up on the chin and around the jaw area. The culprit of these breakouts are the most common hormone disruptors: birth control pills, environmental toxins, and food preservatives. Switch to non-hormonal birth control, reduce your exposure to environmental toxins, and ditch the processed foods full of food preservatives. Taking natural supplements such as activated charcoal and milk thistle can ease your hormonal acne, too.

3. Acne triggered by skincare products

Many skincare and makeup products are full of pore-clogging ingredients responsible for those clogged pores. Using acne-safe skincare products on a daily basis is one of the most effective ways to prevent clogged pores. Instead of over-the-counter products look for a professional line that is specially formulated for acne-prone skin.

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