Why The Clean Wipes Are Esthetician Approved

Why The Clean Wipes Are Esthetician Approved

If you don’t already know, traditional makeup wipes that you just get from any store are not good for your skin… at all! If you love makeup wipes, keep reading to learn why you should stop using traditional makeup wipes, and what's different about the Clean Skin Club Clean Wipes.

Traditional makeup wipes contain ingredients that will strip your skin‘s protective barrier, clog your pores and cause unnecessary irritation to the skin. These ingredients in question are typically: sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, phthalates, harsh fragrances (which irritate the skin), alcohol (which strips the skin’s protective barrier), GMO’s, and other harsh chemicals. A lot of these chemicals are even found in household cleaning supplies, so they definitely should not be found in products meant to use on your skin.

I used to tell clients to absolutely never use makeup wipes, until I met the Clean Wipes!

Clean Wipes contain non pore clogging ingredients that nourish, hydrate, replenish and even improve skin conditions. Ingredients like: Vitamin E (which is anti-aging and hydrating), Niacinamide (which is an antioxidant that can improve skin conditions like pigmentation, acne and texture), Aloe Vera (which is naturally soothing), chamomile extract (the famous anti-inflammatory flower), purified water, and other anti bacterial, antioxidant and hydrating ingredients.

If this hasn’t convinced you yet, here are a couple other reasons these Clean Wipes are the best face wipes there are:

  • They are 40% thicker and bigger than your traditional makeup wipes which is amazing so you don’t have to reuse the same areas.
  • They are hypoallergenic and safe for sensitive skin.
  • They are durable and stretchy and won’t shed.
  • They are pH balanced which is so important for keeping our skin barrier functioning and reducing irritation.

The Clean Wipes are the only makeup wipes out there safe and actually good for your skin. I would never recommend anything else to my clients- and I would never use any other wipes myself!

Thank you for reading!

This article of the Skinsider Scoop was graciously written by L.E. and owner of Revive Skin Bar, Markie Murphy, and edited by the Clean Skin Club team. If you're interested in more from Markie, please shoot us an email, and follow her Instagram - @skinbymarkie