1. Your towels spend most of their life in your bathroom.

Let’s start with the most obvious- your towel is probably hanging to dry in your bathroom right now. As your towel does this, it takes on lots of bacteria that live in your bathroom such as coliform and yes- e.Coli too. At the forefront of this research is Charles Gerba, a microbiologist at the University of Arizona- “Gerba says he found that nearly 90% of bathroom towels were contaminated with coliform bacteria and about 14% carried E. coli.” .. ew!

Bath towels offer the absolute perfect scenario for bacteria and other micro-organisms to thrive and multiply. They’re damp, warm enough, and in a dark enough environment (if your bathroom is completely dark, it’s even better for them). Not only will the bacteria grow, but they begin to multiply exponentially after just a day.

2. You use it for things other than your face, or you’re not the only one using it!

Another point spoken about in Charles Gerba’s research is that the most contaminated towels in the study were those that had multiple uses- mostly those used to dry hands. So if you’re using the same towel to dry your hands to also dry your face- the amount of bacteria you’re transferring to your face is significantly higher. 

Additionally, if you share a bathroom or if you have children, the chances that your towel is being used by other people is also much higher. Imagine this: Without you knowing, someone uses that same towel to clean up spilled water around the sink or on the floor. They then put it back on the hanger and you use it later on (once it’s dry) to dry your face. Ick!

3.You have problems with your skin or you struggle with acne.

Bacteria and detergent buildup from your towels can largely increase the frequency and severity of breakouts. Furthermore, if you struggle with psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis- using a bath towel can be too harsh on your skin and the bacteria factor is no helping hand, either. Even small bumps (milia) or texture can be worsened by your bath towels, too.

Just ask our customers- According to thousands of reviewers, the Clean Towels have significantly helped reduce breakouts and milia, plus have helped lessen the severity of psoriasis and eczema flare ups. This is why our Clean Towels are not only Dermatologist tested and approved, but recommended as well. 

4. Your towel accumulates gunk (including detergent) over its lifetime.

Ever tried ‘stripping’ your towels? You may have seen the trend on social media in the past year. If you haven’t- we challenge you to fill up your tub and give it a go. When you remove your towels from the mixture, you’ll be shocked to find murky, brown water left in your tub. We know your towels feel and smell clean fresh out of the wash cycle, but unfortunately these looks and feels can be deceiving. Detergent and especially fabric softener do not thoroughly clean your towels, do not kill bacteria (yes, even in hot water!), AND create a build-up in the fibers of your towel over time. So we’re very sorry to tell you, but washing your towels does not actually fully clean them. When you go to dry your face on it, those contaminated fibers transfer all of that build-up onto your pores- bacteria included.

Oh- side note for those who bleach their towels- yes you’re killing bacteria, but that bleach is now in the fibers of that towel and transferrable to your skin, especially when warm and wet.

5. If you’re washing them daily- you’re using a lot of water, detergent, and energy.

We’re sure there’s many of you that are fully aware of how icky towels can be and are very on top of your towel laundry game. Maybe you have a full collection of white washcloths and toss them after each use. Well, now that we’ve read point #4 above about how ineffective laundry washing actually is- also take into consideration the amount of water, energy, and detergent that is needed to support your diligent towel-washing habits. With the Clean Towels, you don’t have to worry about obsessing over that laundry. It’s one and done, baby. Not only that, but you’ll get a lot more usage out of a single Clean Towel than a single use of your wash cloth. We promise.

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How long does it take to ship, and where from?

Our shipping time is 3-5 business days. They're shipped from Delray Beach, Florida.

Can they be reused?

Yes! Technically they can. If you are using them to dry your face after cleansing, we recommend one time use for proper hygiene. For cleaning, the towels can be rinsed, set to dry, and reused.

Can the Towels be used as a washcloth?

Yes. Feel free to use the towels with any cleanser to remove makeup or clean your face.

How do I mount it on my mirror?

Our towels come with 4 duel sided stickers to easily stick to any mirror.

How many towels come in a box?

Each box comes with 50 towels.

How big are the towels?

They’re 10" x 10"

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Yes we do! Any customer can apply for free.

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