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The Shocking Truth About Skin Problems - What Nobody Told You!

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Common Skin Problems and Their Roots - The Real Story

In the world of skincare, true revolutions are rare.

Have you ever wondered why your skin keeps freaking out, no matter what you do?

It's not just you – lots of people deal with the same thing. Dry, irritated skin, annoying red spots, and acne that won’t go away. It’s a real headache, isn't it? Well, we’ve dug deep into this, and what we found is going to surprise you!

That's why the results of our latest clinical study are not just intriguing - they're groundbreaking. As a team of dedicated dermatologists and skin health researchers,

we are thrilled to unveil the findings that are changing how we think about everyday skin care.

Let’s break it down. Why does our skin get all dry and angry?

Why do we get those red, painful spots or pimples that ruin our day? It turns out; it’s not always about what cream or soap you use. Sometimes, it’s about the little things we don’t think about – like our towels! Yes, the towels we rub on our face every day can be the real troublemakers. Here’s why:

1. Problem: Skin Dryness

  • What’s Happening: Your skin feels tight, flaky, and dry, right? That’s because it’s losing moisture faster than a sponge left in the sun. But why? Could be your face towel. When it’s too rough or not clean, it’s like it’s stealing your skin's natural moisture every time you pat your face.
  • Simplified Explanation: Imagine your skin is like a juicy grape. A bad towel is like the hot sun drying it into a raisin. Not good!

2. Redness and Acne Lesions

  • What’s Happening: Those red, angry spots and pimples popping up like unwanted guests at a party? That could be because of irritation or bacteria that's hanging out on your towel. Every time you use it, it’s like you're giving those bad guys a free ride right back to your skin.

  • Simplified Explanation: It’s like wiping your face with a bacteria party bus. Not a fun ride for your skin.

3. Problem: Erythema (Skin Redness) and Dryness

  • What’s Happening: Erythema is a fancy word for when parts of your skin get red and mad. Combine that with dryness, and it’s like your skin is throwing a fit. If your towel is rough or dirty, it’s only going to make the tantrum worse.
  • Simplified Explanation: Imagine your skin is having a little meltdown. A rough towel is like someone poking it with a stick. Ouch!

4. Problem: Inflammatory and Non-Inflammatory Skin Lesions

  • What’s Happening: These are the bumps, lumps, and spots that make your skin look like a mountain range. Inflammation is when your skin gets swollen or red (like it's puffed up). Non-inflammatory stuff is like blackheads or whiteheads. The wrong towel can be like a playground for these problems, making them stick around longer.
  • Simplified Explanation: Think of these lesions like weeds in a garden. A bad towel is like watering those weeds instead of pulling them out.

5. Problem: Persistent Skin Lesions

What’s Happening: These are those stubborn skin blemishes that just won’t go away, like old acne marks or spots that keep coming back.

Why It Happens: They can be caused by a mix of things – bacteria, old skin cells hanging around, or irritation from stuff like dirty towels.

Simplified Explanation: Think of these like unwanted stickers on your skin that are hard to peel off. They need gentle, but consistent care – and a clean slate to heal properly.

Each of these problems is like a puzzle. And what we found is that sometimes, the piece you’re missing is as simple as changing your towel. But not to just any towel – we’re talking about a special one. We’ll get to that in a bit.

The Eye-Opening Study

Alright, get ready for the juicy part – the big reveal from our Clean Towels study! We focused on these special towels to see if they could be the missing piece in solving common skin issues. Guess what? The results were astonishing.

It’s like we hit the jackpot for skin solutions. Here’s the scoop, all broken down for you:

The Results

1. Dry Skin - Big Turnaround! The Discovery:

Remember how we said dry skin is like a raisin? Well, our study showed that when people switched to Clean Skin Club towel, their skin started drinking up moisture like a thirsty plant! We saw way less of that tight, flaky dryness. It was a total 180!

Simplified Breakdown: It’s like we found a way to turn those raisins back into juicy grapes. Super cool, right?

2. Redness and Acne - Bye-Bye, Blemishes!

The Discovery: Those annoying red spots and pimples? They started fading away. We're talking about a real reduction in redness and acne, which is a big deal if you’ve been fighting with your skin.

Simplified Breakdown: It's like we told those uninvited pimple guests to pack up and leave. And they did!

3. Erythema and Dryness - Double Whammy!

The Discovery: That red, angry skin and the dryness that goes with it? We saw them both get a lot better. It's like giving your skin a chill pill and a drink of water at the same time.

Simplified Breakdown: Imagine calming down a skin tantrum and making it happy again. That’s what happened!

4. Skin Lesions - Smoothing Things Out!

The Discovery: Those bumpy, lumpy, spotty issues on the skin? They became way less of a problem. We saw a real decrease in both swollen, red areas and those pesky blackheads and whiteheads.

Simplified Breakdown: It’s like smoothing out a rocky road into a nice flat path. Much nicer to look at and feel!

Raved About By Dermatologists, Aestheticians, and Everyone Else - With Over 12,000 5-Star Reviews

So, what was the magic change we made? Drumroll, please… We introduced Clean Towels XL! These aren’t your regular, run-of-the-mill face towels. They’re like the superhero version of towels, specially made to be kind to your skin.

These findings showcase not just the benefits of Clean Towels XL but also our commitment to understanding and addressing the root causes of common skin issues. Clean Skin Club Towel stands at the intersection of innovative design and scientific research, offering tangible solutions for everyday skin care."

These Saved My Confidence

I've been dealing with adult acne for 2 years now... tried everything under the sun & nothing worked. I feel so grateful to have found Clean Skin Club and a product that delivers REAL RESULTS.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ — Tatiana T.

A New Staple In My Routine

I didn’t realize I needed these but now can’t imagine not having them. Can be used wet or dry. Hygienic, easy to use. I have silver washcloths for my face but these are so much gentler. No fibers left on face. Just a great product.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ — Lauren P.

Dermatologist Approved!

Bought on a recommendation of my dermatologist to keep my face free of fabric softeners and laundry soap. Has really helped clear my complexion.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ — Wendy K.

100% bio-based, extra soft and eco-friendly towels


May Help to Reduce Acne and Breakouts

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5-Star Reviews

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Real Skin Journeys:

Tatiana's Journey
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I've been dealing with adult acne for 2 years now... tried everything under the sun & nothing worked. I feel so grateful to have found CSC and a product that delivers REAL RESULTS.

Tatiana T.


Laura's Journey
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Best towels ever!

What an INCREDIBLE product! These towels have helped my acne prone skin so much! I use these when I take my makeup off and dry my face after I wash it. No more bacteria from my hand towels! I even use these to dry the counter after! Everyone needs these!

Laura B. 


Niser's Journey
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I started using Clean Towels at the beginning of 2021 and I’ve been obsessed ever since!

I stopped using face rags and towels as soon as I got my Clean Towels. I usually have some stubborn lingering acne, but after using clean towels for a month I really noticed the difference, my face was starting to clear up more. Now they’re all I use after washing my face & now I don’t have a problem keeping my skin clear anymore. It’s amazing how a great product can really make a difference. And if you want an even softer towel, you must try their bamboo towels.

Niser K


Kaimana's Journey
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So thankful these towels exist!

I've been using Clean Skin Club XL Towels for over 2 years now and honestly am so thankful they exist. They keep my skin clean + multipurpose use for my soaked counter! I had an extremely bad acne breakout in the top pic 11/2019, found a skincare routine that worked for me, and added in Clean Skin Club Clean Towels as the cherry on top and that is my skin today in the after pic 3/2022! My advice? Find what works and don't ever leave out these towels, they are the game changer you need in your routine!

Kaimana F.


Angela's Journey
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Within a month I saw such a significant difference!

I had been breaking out a significant amount. So after changing to skin products for sensitive skin alone didn’t work, I ordered clean skin towels. Within a month I saw such a significant difference. Whenever I run out and do not use clean skin towels, I break out and I know why. It’s so crazy how we don’t realize the bacteria on regular towels can affect our skin. I’ve learned my lesson and will never allow myself to run out again! Clean skin towels have changed the skin game for me! I’m obsessed!

Angela C.


One Product, Endless Uses.

Dry Your Face

Clean Any Surface

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Dry Your Hands

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Make DIY Face Wipes

Sanitary for dermatological procedures

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A portion from every purchase is donated to Trees For The Future as part our efforts to create a better tomorrow for our planet.


How long does it take to ship, and where from?

Our shipping time is 3-5 business days. East coast orders are shipped from Delray Beach, Florida and west coast orders are shipped from La Puente, California.

Can they be reused?

Yes, the Clean Towels can be reused. Their fabric remains strong when wet and is durable enough to be gently wrung out. To reuse: rinse them by hand, and hang them to dry. Once dried the fabric will remain soft and pliable. However, we do not recommend reusing them for skincare. If you are making direct contact with your skin, the Clean Towel should then be tossed and not reused. Quick tip- after you dry your face with a Clean Towel, wipe the excess water off of your counter before throwing them out!

How do I mount it on my mirror?

Our towels come with 4 duel sided stickers to easily stick to any mirror.

How many towels come in a box?

Each box comes with 50 towels.

How big are the towels?

They’re 10" x 12"

How are they sustainable if they are disposable?

Clean Skin Club acknowledges the importance of environmentally friendly products and manufacturing procedures. Our Clean Towels, along with our other hygiene products, are 100% biodegradable and compostable. We do not use any additive chemicals or fabrics in the Clean Towels that do not biodegrade easily. Viscose fabric completely biodegrades within roughly 6 weeks. While personal waste methods vary, we strongly recommend that you either compost or recycle the Clean Towels. 

Shop With Confidence.

We are so confident that you’ll see a significant improvement in the appearance of your skin after making the switch to Clean Towels so that we’re giving you 60 days to return the products for a refund if unsatisfied.

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